Our Commitment To You


     While it is the employer we represent in the search process, we highly value our relationship with you. We carefully guard our reputation as a business that you can trust to keep your career goals in strict confidence. We will never allow anyone to see your resume or disclose any information about you without your prior approval.

When necessary we will present your background information to a client without disclosing your identity to avoid any risk that your current employer might discover that you are discussing a new career opportunity. We have facilitated blind telephone interviews to allow candidates to determine if they have interest in an opportunity prior to disclosing their identity.

We will review your resume with a critical eye offering recommendations that will make your resume reflect your qualifications in the most favorable manner. We believe that resumes should portray your successes, knowledge and experience rather than merely outlining your responsibilities. Many resumes look like job descriptions. Our clients know what duties go along with a given title. Lets show them what you bring to the table beyond the ordinary!

While we do our best to keep our candidates informed about the status of a particular opportunity, it is sometimes impossible to do so without impacting our ability to serve our clients. With this in mind we ask that you call or send an email to request an update. We will always reply when you reach out to us.

When you are seeking to make a change, please let us know. We will keep an eye out for opportunities that match your objectives. If you are seeking to relocate to another state, for example, we can monitor the properties in that area and let prospective employers know of your availability.





Keep us Informed



Let us know when you have moved or taken a new position so that we can maintain our relationship with you.

Tell us the best way to reach you, i.e. cell number, personal email address or home number. Make certain that your voice message is appropriate for potential employers to hear.

Call us before and after your interviews.

Call us for updates.

Please don’t surprise us. If there are negatives in your employment history, let us know about them in advance.

If you know of people we would be proud to represent, please tell us about them. We can then contact them, or you can always have them contact us directly.

Be prepared for your interview

Do some research on the company and people with whom you will be meeting.

Get a good night’s sleep

Arrive early for interviews

Dress for success

Know that everyone you meet at a company is part of the interview process. You are ALWAYS interviewing.

Be aware that in most every case you are competing for the position with other experienced and successful hospitality managers. The fact that an employer is using our services to recruit you is not a sign of desperation but an indication of their desire to find the best person to add to their already talented staff.

Prepare questions to ask on issues that are most important to you.

It is best not to bring up compensation during the interview. Wait until you are offered the position or until the employer broaches the subject.

Summarize your qualifications and express your desire for and excitement about the position at the end of the interview.

Promptly send a professional thank you note to the people who conducted the interview.

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