What We Do For You


A key position left unfilled can translate into many thousands of dollars in lost productivity, lost sales and stalled progress on important projects. Vacancies also negatively impact your bottom line and employee moral. These are only some of the issues faced when a position is left open for any significant length of time.

Executives by Sterling, Inc. has a long track record of quickly finding qualified and talented candidates. Since 1989 we have made it our business to know thousands of hospitality professionals, their backgrounds, qualifications and career goals. We are active members of numerous hospitality organizations enabling us to know owners and Corporate Management, general managers, executive committee members, sales professionals, food & beverage managers, etc.

When a client calls us with a request, we screen our database for candidates that match the given criteria and begin the process of contacting them to determine their level of interest. We also search for candidates at properties that are similar to our client’s.

We do not place advertisements in the paper or on the internet. We focus on finding candidates who are currently employed and who are more dedicated to doing their job than looking for the next green pasture. Properties that advertise openings risk creating or perpetuating a reputation of frequent turnover to prospective employees and to their customers.

The candidates we present to our clients meet the primary qualifications and attributes being sought. It is our commitment to find candidates that have solid track records with progressive and stable career histories.

In most cases our clients choose to check references and perform company-mandated testing. However we stand ready to complete these tasks and others if requested. Candidates that have made it to the interview stage will be informed when they have been eliminated from consideration saving your time and avoiding what may sometimes be an uncomfortable task.